Our Mission :

 To develop human life, education is such a means by which our country will be able to cherish its thousand years of culture and walk step by step with the human beings of developed countries of the world in future. In the 21st century, human beings, through science and technology, will bring such a revolution which will be different from imagination and the scope of human will not be limited to this world but will connect to the outside world. It is our determination that we should head our students as Utkarsh Shiksha Kendra which equips them as financially capable and self-supporting Indian citizens, this institution should be such that with the best educational infrastructure and best faculty, students will have discipline and character with acquisition of knowledge. Cooperate in construction and teachers, students

 Grow step by step in the Mahayagya of the century and see our country as a developed country in its own time

Our Vision :

Rashtriya Shikshan Sansthan is an institution which is working to provide education to poor, disabled, orphans, destitute and needy children. Whose only goal is that no child should be deprived of education. National Institute of Education has launched an awareness campaign about education all over India. Whose goal is to educate the whole of India. Let us all together make this dream come true. Hearty greetings to all of you in the new academic session, hope that by studying diligently, you will illuminate the name of your parents, teachers and your institution in all four directions. Dear student, education is such a wealth that supports us throughout our life. Although some people consider it to be only a means of getting employment, but in fact it helps us to understand the real form of society, country and environment along with ourselves so that we can live our life in a meaningful way.

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